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Thermal FR Composite Piping Vs Metal Piping

CriteriaThermal FR Composite Piping Metal Piping
THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY Lowest Thermal Conductivity 0.024 But/hr leading to Negligible Heat LossVery high Thermal Conductivity Very high Thermal Conductivity .06 Btu/hr causes 900 times higher Heat Loss
FRICTION LOSS RELATED TO RA VALUE Least RA Value i.e. 0.1 Micron prevent Friction Loss in the pipeline having very smooth inner surface1.3 Micron RA Value leads to very high Friction Loss and more energy consumption owing to very rough inner surface
INSULATIONSandwich Glass Fiber Reinforcement layer increases the temperature withstand capacity; in turn requires lesser insulation to prevent sweatingOwing to very high heat loss, needs very thick insulation to prevent heat sweating and heat loss
MAINTENANCENon Corrosive and Glass Fiber Reinforcement Piping Technology leads to NIL MaintenanceInsulation and Solid particles generated from corrosion move in the pipeline along with fluid which affect the pipeline and causes heavy maintenance
AESTHETIC PIPING VIEW Owing to Sandwich Glass Fiber Reinforcement layer, very less sagging gives nice and Aesthetic View to the pipelineHaving FRP Coating, disordering and messy view of the pipeline