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PPR-FR Pipes & Fittings

PPR-FR Pipes & Fittings

Inbuilt Glass Fiber Reinforcement Layer Pipes & Fittings

Focusing major parameters like Thermal Conductivity, Heat Loss, Clamping requirement as well as Leakages in any kind of industry, we invented and introduced to the Industrial Segment; an Innovative, Leak Proof Pipe and Sandwich Glass Fiber Pipe “ FR Composite Pipes and Fittings” by introducing Glass Fiber Reinforcement Technology Pipe for the First time in India.


Product Information
Upper & InnerLayer Poly Propylene Impact Copolymer
Middle Layer – GlassFiberReinforcement
Technical Parameters
    • Thermal Conductivity- 0.024 Btu/hr ft F
    • Vicat Softening Point – 145 Deg C
    • Melting Temperature Rang – 160-165 Deg.
    • Tensile Strength at Break – 40 MPa
    • Flexural Modulus – 1260 MPa
    •Coefficient of Linear Expansion – 1.0X10-4
TemperatureResistance -5 Deg. ~ 110 Deg C Temperature resistance
-4 Deg ~ 100 Deg C Working Temperature Resistance
UV Resistance Have Specialized UV Treated pipe With Carbon Compounded UV Layer on Upper side
For Outdoor Application Areas.
Pressure withstand Capacity & Size Availability Having in 4 options:
1. SDR5 – PN25 :- 20mm to 160 mm OD
2. SDR6 – PN20 :- 20mm to 160 mm OD
3. SDR7.4 – PN16 :- 20mm to 160 mm OD
4. SDR11 – PN10 :- 50 mm to 160 mm OD
Standard Pipe : DIN 8077-78
Fittings : DIN 16962 – Part 5 ~ Part 10
Jointing System Socket Fusion Welding
Special specimen of Product Lowest Thermal Conductivity i.e.0.048 Btu/hr ft F., Giving Least Heat Loss,
So require Very Less Insulation,
almost 5 time lesser compare to any of Metal Piping Bare Minimum
RA Value 0.1 Micron, Giving Least Friction Loss Latest Socket
Fusion Welding Technology. Giving 100% Leak Proof Joints till Life of Pipe.
Application Area 1. Cooling Tower & Chilling Plant Piping
2. Highly Corrosive Chemical Piping
3. Soft Water / Raw Water / RO Water
4. ETP Plant / STP Plant / WTP Plant
5. Brine Line
6. Hot & Cool Oil Line
7. Condensate Lines
8. Pickling Plant
9. All type of Utility & Process Line
This Product is a Replacement of : GI, MS,ERW, SS, Aluminum, CS, Composite, PPR
Pipes, HDPE Pipes
Constructive Points • Very Less Heat Loss due to lesser thermal conductivity
• As a result of Socket Fusion joint, 0 % leakage
• Lesser Sagging because of very less thermal expansion
• Since having 0.1 Micron RA value and mirror finish inner surface, 40 % to 60 % lesser
friction loss compared to other pipes
• High temperature and high pressure with stand capacity due to Inbuilt FR Reinforcement Layer
• Due to Lesser Thermal Conductivity, Negligible heat loss

Application Area

  • PPR water pipe network for hot and cold water installation for all type of buildings, hospitals, hotels, shools, ships, etc
  • chilled water network in the air conditioning systems, as it is an effective light weight and corrosion free substitute.
  • pipe network for rain water utilization systems
  • pipe network for compressed air plants and solar plants
  • pipe network in agricultur and hoticulture sectors and in irrigation systems
  • pipe network in factories, ie for transpot of aggressive fluids and liquid foods
  • metric series sizes20mm to 200 mm suitable to use at temperatures up to and including 95C
  • pressure rating PN-10 TO PN 20
  • generraly resistant to most acids, bases , salts, aliphatic solution , oxidants and halogens

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