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Plastic Welding Rod

Drain Trap (Floor Trap)


We introduce a new concept in industrial Floor Drain Traps. It is a perfect substitute of the conventional fabricated traps used in R & D centers, Pharmaceuticals [Bulk Drug / Formulation], Healthcare, Food and Biotech industries . It makes care of the problems faced in conv entional fabricated traps where HDPE Drain Pipes are used.

We use virgin Prime Grade of HDPE. This grade complies with the requirement of Indian Standard IS-10146 on Polyethylene for its use in contact with foodstuff, pharmaceuticals and drinking water.

Single piece molded parts guarantee uniform quality and consistency. Glossy finished internals are interchangeable and insure smooth flow. Detachable drain baskets facilitate easy sanitizing.

Main body with 15 mm wall thickness & concrete grooves makes it sturdy and insures mechanical strength. It does not have any hidden crevices and pock ets in which foreign particles and waste matter may lodge.

Well designed HDPE Trap does not encourage build up of vermin and offensive odors. Large enough entrance and outlet insure anticipated volume of was tewater.

HDPE end piece, which is to be weld joined with the HDPE drainpipe, insures l eak proof joint preventing water seepage into the concrete Total height for Standard design is 300 mm. However shorter heights can be offered on request. Colors other than natural white can be offered for bulk requirements.